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This is the second post for my new work in colored pencil.


After I finished the first drawing in graphite (4H), I am now ready to start laying doen the colors. I started with the tower in the center. I am using, Sand, Tuscan Red, Orange, Yellow Ochre, Mineral Orange, Cream, Black and White. Prismacolor and Verithin are the pencils I am using.


For the darker areas of the tower, I first add Tuscan Red using the Verithin pencil, then I smooth (burnish) it with Yellow Ochre. This gives it a nice feel of warmth. I have found that Tuscan Red can be used in a variety of colors, both cool and warm. The overall work will be on the warm side.


Choosing your color palate: This should be decided before you start your work.


The questions you should ask yourself should be related to the work you are doing. I am currently doing an outdoor urban scene. I am conveting a black and white photo to full color. The only clue I have to what season I am drawing are the clothes the people are wearing in the lower left corner of the photo. I am going with late spring or early summer since this is Chicago and is in the Northern section of the United States. The location can make a big difference in lighting as well as the time of day and season.


The detail of the windows are very time consuming and require a good steady hand. I use a magnifying desk lamp to do the finer details.


So far I have about 36 hours invested in this work. If you have any questions let me know.



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