David Neace Artist

Artist Statement

I am a cartographic draftsman by trade. I would work 8-10 hours daily on engraving a contour map with a hand held, .002 line engraver for up to 200 hours, depending on the terrain being mapped. Drawing tools have become an extension of my hand. My daily work, for over 20 years, touched on all parts of mapping, from surveyors’ notes to map folding. This daily environment was a constant honing of eye/hand skills. I have 7 basic forms that guide me, square, round, elliptical, triangle, hexagon, oval and rectangle. Master the line and you control the drawing, feel the line and you control the perception.


I have always believed that there is something extraordinary in the ordinary that is around us daily. I don’t always see things the way others see them.  If my art can influence one person to find beauty instead of ugliness, then I am successful.  


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