Blacksmith and Grist Mill by David Neace

Blacksmith and Grist Mill

Here is another view of the Grist Mill on Clear Creek. Looking at the other side, Paul's Mill Ford separates the Grist Mill and Blacksmith.

The location of Guyn's Mill beside Clear Creek is the result of several advantages which the original owners exploited. It is a good location near the rich farmland of the Inner Bluegrass with an abundant supply of virgin hardwood timber and most important, a narrow valley watered by several small streams. Guyn's Mill and southern Woodford County were/are strategically positioned along the early trade routes between Lexington, Mundy's Landing, and Harrodsburg. At 150 years old, it is getting the attention it needs. The Mill is currently being refurbished along with the Blacksmith shop. I was lucky that this building still stands and that I was able to get some pictures of it.