Photography Dead Tree Junction by David Neace

Dead Tree Junction

This is a 11 x 14 black matted ink jet print on archive quality paper, Paper is white Pearl Metallic gloss. Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

Dead Tree Junction is a vision another world, place and time. Drawn in colored pencil and ink on Arches watercolor paper. I really enjoyed working on this one. A combination of different photos and NASA images from the Hubble Telescope are my inspiration for this other worldly art. I paid closer attention to detail, from the reflection of RR crossing sign reflected in the hood of truck to the feel of a dirt road and the movement of the train and clouds. Dead Tree Junction has a very nice surreal feel and the fish-eye angle gives a nice feeling of depth.

Set in the desert, this Zephyr train approaches Dead Tree Junction, as the person in the truck patiently waits for it to pass. The train comes from a distant point, known only to the people on the train. The person sits in the truck, seemly unaware of the beauty of the cosmos around them. Are you the person waiting in the truck, only focused on the path ahead or are you a passenger on the train? Perhaps you are the one standing between the tracks, waiting to feel the wind from the Zephyr as it rushes past you.

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