Photography Earth 1946  by David Neace

Earth 1946

11.25" x 19" Colored Pencil on Paper

This was created from a photo that my father took of Union Station in Lexington, Kentucky in 1946. The freight train is a C&O train headed for Louisville, Ky. and the passenger train, NO. 260, is coming in from Ellesmere Ky.

The downtown scene is the train side of Union Station. The large red building in the upper right is the Phoenix Hotel. The backside of Kresge Dept. store (which stores became K Mart) is next to the hotel. The street in the back center is Water Street. Every building and some of the streets in this scene are now just a memory. The station was torn down, and the rest of the downtown was completely revamped in the 1970's and 80's.

Union Station was a grand building, with stained glass skylights and served the passengers since opening is 1907. The railroad went through several mergers and ended serving the C&O line and the L&N line.