Freedoms Fire by David Neace

Freedoms Fire

"Buick's top platform was introduced in 1931 as the Series 90, using the GM "C-body" platform shared with the Cadillac Series 355. It featured a 344.8 cu in (5.7 L) Buick Straight-8 engine OHV engine, developing 104 bhp of power at 2,800 rpm.[1] A premium luxury car, it was intended to compete with the advanced Cadillac V8, the exclusive straight-8 Packard Standard Eight, and other top U.S. marques.

Closed cars came with mohair velvet interiors, retractable silk passenger compartment shades, and wool carpeting throughout.[1] Roadsters, Phaetons and convertibles came standard with leather interior.[1] Retail prices for the 7-passenger Limousine were US$2,035 ($39,159 in 2022 dollars [2]). The Series 90 offered nearly the same refinement and attention to detail as Cadillac, but lacked its more modern, more powerful engine, while having a more advanced overhead valve train than the Packard's aging flathead design. Standard coachwork for Buick was exclusively supplied by Fisher Body, and rolling chassis were available to coach builders."

Here is one of two Hood ornament for 1931, This is the Flying Goddess. The other one was Mercury Man which I

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