Photography Hard Knock Life by David Neace

Hard Knock Life

12.5" x 20" Graphite on Paper
My dad had this photo and told me it was of an area in Lexington, Kentucky. He said it was the Manchester area around 1954, but it really could be anywhere in the United States.

These type of houses where built by the former slaves and railroad workers during the late 1800''s on into the early 1900's. Most of them are pieced together using whatever materials that could be found. You can see that by the porch that is being supported by the old soft drink cooler, prominent during the 40's and 50's. A lot of the homes where torn down during the Urban renewals that took place all over the south starting in the late 70's and continues today. Some of these home have been repaired and updated and are now lovely small homes. A lot of this type of home was destroyed due to hurricane Katrina and weather damage in other parts of the country.

$500.00 USD
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