Photography Heart of the Forest  by David Neace

Heart of the Forest

This is a 11 x 14 black matted ink jet print on archive quality paper, Paper is white Pearl Metallic gloss. Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

want to thank Jon K Barton for the use of his photo from the Facebook page, "Photos for Artists". I modeled this drawing from elements in the photograph. I used the fence line and the two anchor trees at each end of the fence as well as the general placement of the water. The rest is from my mind.

This is drawn using Prismacolor and Verithin pencils. A peaceful glade at sunrise or sunset, set in realism, but reflecting the ethereal that is a part of living.

The colors of purple, red and orange are associated with spiritual awareness, creativity and healing. The reflection of colors in the water is of the spirit. Natures hidden beauty is everywhere, if you just look.

$37.00 USD
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